Tom McClellan

Honestly Hugh, I couldn’t put it down – don’t recall ever reading an entire book in one weekend, but that’s exactly what happened. What an absolutely profound and incredible read – it brought back so many memories, but with such well-timed humor and humility. Had tears in my eyes, both of sadness and laughter.

Tom McClellan (Cleft Affected Adult)

Jack Clark

“….I laughed and cried, sometimes both at the same time”

Sue MacKenzie

I found it laugh-out-loud funny, insightful and deeply moving all at once.  A great read – kudos!

Bob Jones (Tennessee)

I don’t know how familiar you are with Mr. Gillard’s book, but I would recommend it to anyone including children, family or friends with cleft palate difficulties.

Bob Jones (Cleft Affected Adult)

C. Felix

“The book shares tender moments of the author’s humiliation as a child and young adult but shows that those moments never deterred him from achieving his goals. His humor and ability to laugh at himself is a gift we all would be blessed with.”

B. Martinuzzi

“This is an amazing book, written with a lot of heart and authenticity about an individual who shows admirable courage and resilience in the face of difficult circumstances. You can see where the character of the man stems from: a little boy who is determined to fit in and eventually succeed against major odds. The story will engage you (it’s a page turner), and will also make you laugh out loud. What a sense of humor the author has!”

K. Hicks Child Psychologist

“I laughed, I cried and I laughed until I cried.” “Hugh seems to tell his story so honestly that you can’t help but like him, root for him, and be inspired by him. I will tell anyone who will to listen to read it!.”

D. Lewis

“The book made me laugh out loud, other times brought tears to my eyes and sometimes made me downright mad.”

Kathy Davis East Central Alberta Review

“The emotional punch the reader feels at this moment, though a fraction of what Gillard experienced firsthand, is to carry forth through this highly engaging personal autobiography. His is a journey through deep hardship to discover the triumph of character of a young man born with a physical condition; one that would colour much of his worldly understanding throughout his lifetime, both inspirationally and tragically.”

D. Horler

“It was a very enjoyable read which, not only made me laugh out loud, but also broke my heart from time to time. (His) voice is loud and clear throughout the book. It is well written, humorous, passionate, tender, enlightening and heartwarming.”