Why it was Written

What Did You Say? Memories on a Road Less Travelled is my only foray into writing.

What Did You Say? was first envisioned as three separate mini-books; or at least that was my intention. I had always been encouraged by friends to put pen to paper about his humorous and one-of-a -kind exploits as a small child, young adult and well into adulthood. I was also encouraged to write an inspirational book on growing up with a cleft lip and palate and the most challenging issue of all, a severe speech impediment so severe I could not pronounce my own name properly. I wanted to share my story with others who were either similarly challenged themselves, were siblings or parents of similarly challenged people or professionals such as speech pathologists, psychologists and plastic surgeons. I have always desired to write a book for future generations about life growing up on a ranch. In the end, I concluded that combining the three mini-books into one memoir would appeal to the widest audience and provide enough variety to appeal to all readers and thus the book What Did You Say? was conceived.

I have always believed in “giving back” to the community and to those who made a difference in my life.  Once I wrote the book, it took on a higher purpose – to help others, not only with the inspirational stories but financially as well. All proceeds from book sales are being donated to a cleft related charity. Learn how your purchase will directly help a cleft affected child.